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A collection of games I contributed toward.

Flocking Up Together

We've received a distress-call from one of our orbiting space-stations! They're requesting advice for repairing vital systems, however the signal is weak and their messages are garbled. And even worse, our radio relay station is manned by nothing more than a flock of birds!

This asymmetrical multiplayer game gives each bird (player) a workstation (their phone) where they must interpret transmissions (shown on a TV and on their phone), and coordinate their dial-turning and button-pushing to possibly save the stranded astronauts that may or may not even exist!?

Vector Image User Interface of a Vintage Slider and Circuit-board below an old CRT Monitor Vector Image User Interface of a Vintage Oscilloscope and Dial below an old CRT Monitor Vector Image User Interface of a Vintage Vacuum Tubes and Array of Switches below an old CRT Monitor Vector Image User Interface of a Vintage Gear Selector below an old CRT Monitor
Illustration of a Deteriorating Radio Relay Station manned only by Birds

For this game I was the sole artist. I produced vector artwork for all the UI elements and background embellishments. The TV screen viewable by all players displayed an illustrated scene of the decrepit radio relay station with various birds perched upon it.


A couple of campers have gotten lost in the Ritual Woods and once the sun goes down, the denizens of the forests start their hunt...

In this fast-paced arena survival game, players must fend off the woodland monsters using the appropriate button combinations. Each wave progresses to harder challenges! Will the night ever end?

Screenshot of a Difficult Battle in the TwiglandsScreenshot of the Camper resting at a Shrine to the AnimalsScreenshot of the Camper Encountering an Echidna-ManWalk Cycle Animation of the Rabbit-ManWalk Cycle Animation of the Echidna-ManWalk Cycle Animation of the Eagle-Man

Creature concept and artwork was my responsibility here. I created simple low-resolution sprites and animations for the strange masked monsters and accompanying effects. I coordinated with our environment artist to keep the style and animal references consistent.

Office Bash '15

It's Y2K! Oh but actually much worse...
As businesses crumble under the weight of the most feared computer glitch, the underworld cracks open and lets loose the monsters of upper-middle-management. Employees now need to fight for their hard earned pay and the right to go home at the end of day!

Gameplay consists of turn-based battles between lowly employees and their demonic bosses. Players choose from a variety of moves and will pay attention to the enemies' slogans and abuse as clues to the most effective attacks.

Screenshot of a Battle amongst the CubiclesScreenshot of a Battle in the CEOs OfficeScreenshot of the Battle in the Server Room

In this one I contributed concept design and pixel-art for the backgrounds, UI elements and the various 'Boss' monsters.


Developers and Artists who also worked on these games.

  • Peter Mandile - Programming
  • Jarrod Funnell - Programming
  • Tom Wright - Programming
  • Sampson Oliver - Programming
  • James Hegedus - Programming
  • Morgan Archer - Game Design
  • Bikram Dey - Art
  • David Chen - Art
  • Tamara Partridge - Sound
  • Leon Cranswick - Sound
  • Abbey Roads - Production