Tech-Tree Logotype

Tech-Tree is a conceptual brand for a manufacturer of enthusiast video game equipment and accessories. The above logotype is the visual identity for Tech-Tree; the brand mark on the left is attached to all of Tech-Tree’s products as a symbol of quality that customers can trust.

Inspired by the structure of progression found in popular strategy games: the Technology Tree. As players progress through the game, they will make decisions about what new technology or skills they should invest in, to customise their experience and gain a competitive advantage.

As a brand, Tech-Tree follows its namesake through unyielding technological advancement while branching out to provide a variety of innovative products for the rapidly growing enthusiast market.


Branding Book

The scope of Tech-Tree’s visual identity is outlined in the Branding Book. Within its pages is the rationale behind the logotype and its place among the competition, the rules for displaying the logotype, the overall brands visual toolbox, and examples of applications.

Below are some selected pages:

Tech-Tree - Corporate Colours PageBrand Colour Guidelines


Tech-Tree - Integrity PageBrand Integrity Guidelines


Tech-Tree - Stationery SetCorporate Stationery Set


Printable PDF

Tech-Tree Branding Book

Download the .pdf file to view the entire branding book. For printing, the book is designed for A3 size perfect binding.

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