Shapeway PAX Banner

Shapeway PAX Banner

An Australian indie game development studio, Paperbox Studios, exhibited their latest game, Shapeway, at the annual Penny Arcade Expo – Australia (PAX AUS). I was contracted to design a vertical banner representing their booth on the show floor.


Shapeway PAX Banner - Full Vertical

Shapeway is puzzle-platformer where players must guide a little blue fellow past a variety of obstacles all the way to the level exit. However, the path is incomplete, so players need to think resourcefully and insert their limited supply of blocks and hazards into the level to solve the way.

Original artwork was created for the banner, with the exception of required logotypes and fonts supplied by the client or regulatory bodies. The games general aesthetic followed a simple retro-platformer vibe and so my design took inspiration from the classic illustrated video game boxes seen on store shelves in the 80s and 90s.

All games exhibited in the Indie Pavilion shared a common booth design and the banner had fit strict specifications. Each booth used two vertical (970mm x 1930mm) poster panels. With this in mind, the spacing of elements is critical: to avoid the central seam bisecting the artwork, everything is sorted either side, the illustrated action working in portrait. Close attention is paid to positioning the logotype and the sizing of elements tailored to a high viewing distance. Lastly, the bottom 5th is empty of important detail, as the display equipment and the heads of the crowd will obscure it.

Shapeway Booth - Set upShapeway Booth All Set Up


Shapeway Booth - People PlayingShapeway With People Playing


Papercraft Blue

This is a small papercraft model of Shapeway’s blue-boxy character.
We created them to decorate the PAX booth and to promote the game. Attendees could take one as a souvenir of their Shapeway experience.

Shapeway Papercraft Flats

Papercraft Flat Dieline


Shapeway Papercraft Assembled - Back Papercraft Assembled – Front

Shapeway Papercraft Assembled - FrontPapercraft Assembled – Back


Printable PDF

Shapeway Papercraft

If you would like to create your own blue box fellow you can download this .pdf file.
200gsm paper is recommended to retain the rigid shape.
The construction for the body and each is very similar to any papercraft box-die model. Once the dieline has been cut free, make incisions on the bottom squares along the dotted lines. Assemble the legs first, folding and gluing the tabs and push the ‘TAB IN’ tabs through the cuts, gluing them on the inside surface. Complete the model by folding and gluing the body.

Shapeway is available now for IOS and Android devices, and is currently on its way to PC via Steam Greenlight!

If you would like to check out Shapeway or Paperbox Studios then click the links:

Shapeway – IOSGoogle PlaySteam Greenlight

Paperbox Studios

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