LOLYTRON – Electric Sweet Superstars

Lolytron - Electric Sweet Superstars

LOLYTRON – a conceptual transmedia brand including a classic Saturday morning cartoon for a young audience. It focuses around the heroics of a band of adorable robots known as LOLYTRON and their battles with evil aliens. Inspired by various 80s and 90s cartoon franchises as well as popular anime and game characters (eg. Astroboy, Megaman.)

The flagship product are varieties of hard-candy. Each candy flavour is paired with a particular LOLYTRON character to encourage the consumer to try each flavour and become attached to their favourite. The candy box package design required specific print-production procedures; each box uses a standardised dieline and only 2 spot-colours.


Box Elevations with Colour Swatches

Lolytron - Box Elevations with Colour Swatches

Lime Ooze Flavour – Dieline

Lolytron - Lime Ooze Flavour - Dieline

Cola Shock Flavour – Dieline

Lolytron - Cola Shock Flavour - Dieline

Strawberry Fizz Flavour – Dieline

Lolytron - Strawberry Fizz Flavour - Dieline


The Finished Product – Photographs


Printable PDFs



LOLYTRON – Strawberry

Download the .pdf files to create your own boxes. Dieline cutting marks and bleed will be shown. Includes Pantone colours and overprint. When viewing the pdf, insure that overprint preview is switched on.

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This is conceptual student work with licensed/appropriated fonts and images.

All creators of images and fonts used in this project retain their rights.