HitBox Magazine

HitBox Magazine

A short version of a conceptual video game review magazine. It’s heavily influenced by the self-published ‘zine movement that hit its peak in the 90s, before the Internet made self-publication much easier. These magazines were made by amateur writers and publication design enthusiasts. They typically self-published (sometimes self-printed/bound) and self-distributed their work, filling a void in the local magazine market where similar national publications weren’t readily available.

HitBox emulates this home-grown style while using modern design sensibilities. In this instance, I filled the roles of writer, editor and art director. This was a long yet rewarding project that tested not only my design skills, but also skills in writing, editing and analysis.



HitBox Magazine - Cover


Selected Spreads

The articles within are written by the noted authors (mostly me) and I used screen-capture software and devices to capture the imagery directly from the appropriate games. Additional imagery, like the cover were sourced from promotional material and concept art created for the appropriate games.
After the editorial and contents pages, HitBox is divided up into three major sections: Reflect, Preview, and Review. This is pretty standard fare for games magazines where specific sections are dedicated to informational pieces, introspective articles, previews and reviews. This is only a small selection of spreads; please download the .pdf file to view the whole magazine.
HitBox Magazine - Console History SpreadConsole History Spread
HitBox Magazine - Shenmue Retrospective SpreadShenmue Retrospective Spread
HitBox Magazine - Hawken Preview Opener SpreadHawken Preview Opener Spread
HitBox Magazine - Hawken Preview Content SpreadHawken Preview Content Spread

HitBox Magazine - Lollipop Chainsaw Review SpreadLollipop Chainsaw Review Spread


The Finished Product – Photographs


Printable PDF

HitBox Magazine

Download the .pdf file to view all the pages, or print your own copy. The page size is B5 and spreads should easily be cut from Ledger or A3 paper. Keep in mind that this file is arranged in reading order and the printed pages are designed to be saddle-stitched, so you’ll need to check your print settings for duplex, and printing ‘booklets’ where it will rearrange pages so you can fold and bind them.

Contact Email: duncan@snacuumdesign.com

This is conceptual student work with licensed/appropriated fonts and images.

All creators of images and fonts used in this project retain their rights.