Twiglands | Global Game Jam 2016

Twiglands Screenshot 1 - GGJ16Twiglands – Battle in the forest.

Twiglands was the submission for Global Game Jam 2016. Following the theme of ‘Ritual’, it takes place in a thick forest where our lost protagonist must fight with strange mask-wearing creatures. Using simple ‘beat-em-up’ style gameplay; enemies must be defeated with a specified order of attacks. Once a wave of enemies is defeated, there is a brief rest at camp before continuing to the next, more difficult wave.

Twiglands Screenshot 2 - GGJ16Twiglands – Camp at the altars.

Working in a team of 5, I created the masked forest creatures, produced animations for 3 of them and also the vanquishing smoke. Each one has grayscale elements that are then tinted to match the colour-coded attacks required to vanquish them.

Twiglands - Bunnyman Walk Cycle Twiglands - Eagleman Walk Cycle Twiglands - Echidnaman Walk Cycle Twiglands - Vanquish Smoke Animation


Check it out at: Twiglands GGJ16 Game Page

If you would to play Twiglands then I would recommend a slightly improved version here:

Twiglands Download

Please use a controller for this game (preferably Xbox joypad) as there is no keyboard support.


Downtown Devourer | Ludum Dare 33

Downtown Devourer Screenshot 1 - LD33Downtown Devourer – Hiding in plain sight.

I came on board some time after this Ludum Dare game jam started. The crew from Paperbox Studios were participating and called on me to contribute some art. The theme here was: ‘You are the Monster’, so this time the player is a monster disguised as a regular human. However, as their hunger for blood increases they eventually lose control and turn into a ravenous beast; the only way to regain control is to absorb innocent humans while evading the police.

Downtown Devourer Screenshot 2 - LD33Downtown Devourer – The monster is loose.

My contribution was minor, but important – the monster design and sprites. I went with a simple, yet vaguely disturbing fleshy blob monster. Here’s the simple move, transform, and attack animations.

Downtown Devourer - Monster Walk Animation Downtown Devourer - Monster Transform Animation Downtown Devourer - Monster Attack Animation

Check it out at: Downtown Devourer Game Page


Office Bash ’15 | Global Game Jam 2015

Office Bash '15 Screenshot 1 - GGJ15Office bash ’15 – Water-cooler Moments.

The theme for GGJ15 was “What do we do now?”, and so the sky was kind of the limit. Set in a wacky alternate alternate reality apocalypse where all the fears of Y2K really came true. The player controls a team of white-collar employees in an endless battle with their monstrous employers for their hard-earned pay-check. The bosses all call out their intentions using office jargon, with the player responding to each move in a rock-paper-scissors style game.

Office Bash '15 Screenshot 2 - GGJ15Office bash ’15 – Computer Trouble.

This was my first taste of low-res pixel art for a game. I created all the ‘boss’ monsters, some backgrounds (as above) and some UI elements.

Check it out at: Office Bash ’15 Game Page


Perception | Global Game Jam 2014

Perception Screenshot 1 - GGJ14Perception – The puzzles in the name.

My second game jam, hopefully more experienced and better equipped to handle task ahead of us. The theme was confounding: “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” Our team of 5 took as long as we needed to come up with a solid concept – a spooky first-person puzzler where players needed find the right vantage point so they could link puzzle solutions to their problems. Halfway through the jam, puzzle scope ran away from us, so we soft-scrapped the initial idea and replaced it with finding the correct vantage point to spell words that would in-turn, solve the puzzles.

Perception Screenshot 2 - GGJ14Perception – Spooky ghosts.

My main contribution was 3d models; some environmental objects like walls and a turret, as well as designing and modelling the player character – a dapper gentleman ghost whose only visible in the mirror.

Check it out at: Perception Game Page


Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000 | Global Game Jam 2013

Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000 Screenshot 1 - GGJ13Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000 – Somewhat easy herding.

This was my first experience in the Global Game Jam, and now an event I intend to attend in the foreseeable future. A good theme in this year: The sound of a Heartbeat. Literally it was the sound of a heartbeat. It would be taken literally or interpreted very loosely. Our team of 5 linked the beat with the flashes of fireflies. Playing as a moth, drop command beacons to the herds of unruly fireflies by ‘tap-tapping’. Some commands push flies away and some draw them in; the goal being to gather them across moons or into lanterns.

Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000 Screenshot 2 - GGJ13Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000 – Damn hard herding.

Being a 2.5D game, I was tasked with models and textures. I designed the fireflies to looks like buzzing punctuation-mark shaped jewels. were fast and easy to move were not too slow but fickle and were slow and lumbering.

Check it out at: Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000 Game Page