Fade To Black – Information Pack

Fade To Black - Information Pack

A conceptual printed information package that could be distributed at a museum, that would educate the reader on some particular topic in an innovative way.

This package is based around Melbourne Planetarium’s special programme about Black Holes. Contained within the packed envelope is a booklet, a rotating black hole model, and a poster. They describe the anatomy of typical black holes and the effects someone would experience if they fell into one.

To create an engaging experience with the reader, the immense gravitational force that black holes are known for is simulated with small neodymium magnets hidden within the printed materials.


Falling In – The Booklet

Each page of the booklet represents and reveals the inner layers of a black hole. The last page shows the progress of a doomed spacecraft falling in; using the gravity magnets, the reader can guide the spacecraft from accretion disc to singularity.

Fade To Black - Booklet - All Pages Front ViewFront of Arranged Pages

Each page describes the content and forces at work in each layer, as well as the theoretical experiences of those entering and those watching them. The back cover of the booklet has instructions for using the gravity magnets to move the spacecraft.

Fade To Black - Booklet - All Pages Back ViewBack of Arranged Pages


Spinning Black Hole Model

The power of black holes in your hands! This little model holds the gravity magnet that can be used with the booklet. Around the edges is a rotatable transparent corona that represents the warping of starlight as it travels past a black hole. On the reverse is a description of the effect and a panel that can be lifted to reveal further details.

Fade To Black - Black Hole Model - All Views


Spaceman Poster

A simple poster that explains the relative power of differently sized black holes, and the event called ‘Spaghettification’ that can happen to things falling in. To exaggerate this effect, the Spaceman is warped using a basic Anamorphic Illusion; depending on the viewing angle, the Spaceman should stretch and squash.

Fade To Black - Poster of Space Man


The Finished Product – Photographs


Printable PDF

Fade to Black – Full Pack

You can download the .pdf file to build the pack yourself.  Pay attention to which components are printed duplex and on differing paper, card stock, and also clear acetate sheet. Some parts glue together and a paper rivet is need to make the rotating black hole model. Also don’t forget to insert and glue the small magnets (I recommend very small flat neodymium or strong enough rubber composite magnets.)

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This is conceptual student work with licensed/appropriated fonts and images.

All creators of images and fonts used in this project retain their rights.